School Holiday Coding January 2019

new plymouth coding class 2019

Join us in New Plymouth in January 2019 for school holiday coding!

In 2019 we are offering school holiday coding classes for a range of ages and interests:


Coding Beginners (6-11 year olds)

This is a beginner’s class for children who have little or no experience with coding. The focus is on fun and learning some of the basic coding concepts. Kids can keep exploring the coding fun at home.

Creative Coding (7-12 year olds)

This is a creative class for children who have some coding experience. The focus is on building and developing their own games, stories or adventure ideas. Kids can keep exploring the coding fun at home.

Blockly Coding Projects (10-12 year olds)

This class challenges kids to take their Blockly coding to the next level and move one step closer towards text-based coding (like Python and Javascript). It is self-paced so kids can move through at their own pace. This would suit younger kids with some coding experience, or older beginners.

Explore Python Projects (11-14 year olds)

This class provides a range of projects in Python and steps kids through self-paced activities.  This is suitable for kids who are keen to start learning a text-based coding language, and kids with Python experience who are keen to try extra projects.

Hour of Code 2018

New Plymouth After School Coding Term 4

kids coding new plymouth

Enrolling now!

Term 4 After School enrollments are now open for New Plymouth.

Join us for a Discovery Lab class and get started learning about coding, creative technologies, websites and keeping safe online.

Kids learning the basics of coding get a head start in being future creators.  Understanding coding also helps build literacy, maths and problem solving skills, and a foundation for programming languages.

Sign up now for Term 4, or get in quick and join us in the holidays for a Morning of Code.

School Holiday Early Birds

October School Holiday bookings now open for Early Birds! We’ve just opened our Early Bird bookings for the October school holidays in New Plymouth!

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