Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please get in touch with us if your answer isn’t here.

Check our Terms and Conditions for additional information about booking, classes, fees, refunds, behaviour, health and safety, and privacy.

The time, day, age group, or topic that we need isn’t listed. Can you add an extra class?

We’d love to know what you’re looking for and would like to try to accommodate new ideas for classes.  Please get in touch and tell us about your needs.

How many kids are in each class?

We are aiming for 8 in each class group. Sometimes two class groups will run at the same time and two tutors will be available.


What does my child need to bring to class?

An iPad, tablet, or laptop/chromebook with a charger is required for each 7-9 year old class.  For the 10+ year old classes, please bring a laptop. Older and basic laptops are fine.  There is no specific software required.

Don’t have a device?  Please get in touch and let us know.

When do bookings for next term open?

We will email all current students when early bird bookings are open for the next term, holiday session, or event. After this we will open bookings to our waiting list, and then to the public.


Something went wrong with my online booking – can you help?

Sorry to hear this – please get in touch and let us know.

I don’t want to or can’t pay by credit card, can I make a bank transfer?

Yes – please get in touch and let us know.


My child is very advanced with coding, will these classes suit?

Our beginner classes might not be suitable for your child.  Please get in touch with us to discuss which level they might work best at. We may be able to arrange additional classes based on interest and experience levels.

My child hasn’t done much coding before, will these classes suit?

Our beginner classes are designed for children who have not had much coding experience.  In this class we cover the basic concepts and work towards our Discovery Lab Foundation Certificate.


What happens if my child can’t make a class?

Please contact your class tutor and let them know.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately no.  A booking secures the child’s place for the whole term. We do offer refunds if we cancel a class and can’t schedule a make up class time that suits.  We will advise of you this as soon as possible if it arises.


Do you offer trial classes?

We may be able to arrange trial classes in advance if numbers allow.  Please get in touch to see if we can arrange this. We also offer holiday classes, open days, weekend events and Hour of Code days when your child can come in for a trial.

Can I join in on a class with my child?

We will hold open days and other events when family can join in, however parent participation isn’t an option during After School classes and holiday classes.


Do you offer classes for older children?

We are keen to hear what kind of classes and age groups you’d like to see included.  Please get in touch to let us know.