Discover Electronics (Mondays)

Discover Electronics (Mondays)

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MONDAYS | 28 October - 16 December, 4-5pm | Age 9-14

This term we're offering an 8 week introductory electronics course.

Each student will receive their own soldering iron and accessories, and a series of simple electronics kits to build during the term as part of the course cost. This course is mainly focussed on developing soldering and technical instruction following skills. We will begin by building a digital alarm clock.

This is very much a hands-on experience, and each student will be working on their own kits at their own pace. Having developed the requisite skills, any student who does not complete the kits during the term will be capable of completing the builds at home.

We'll be exploring basic electronics and DC circuitry, troubleshooting with a multimeter, circuit diagrams and doing LOTS of soldering practice.

Location: Manifold, 21 Devon Street West, New Plymouth

NOTE: We require a minimum of 8 students to run this course. If we do not reach the required number all orders will be fully refunded.

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