Discover Robots (Wednesdays)

Discover Robots (Wednesdays)


WEDNESDAYS | 30 October - 18 December, 4-5pm | Age 9-14

This term we're offering an 8 week introductory robotics course.

We'll each start with a set of parts, learn what each of them is, and how it works before adding them to the robot chassis. The aim is for everyone to end up with a functional robotic vehicle by the end of the term, and to be able to explain the function of each part.

This is very much a hands-on experience, and each student will be working on their own robot valued at $40.

During this Discovery Lab course, we'll be exploring basic electronics and DC circuitry, troubleshooting with a multimeter, and also working our way through the fundamentals of simple motion control. This is quite a bit to get through in any depth over a term, so we'll be leaving programming the vehicles for a future course. We will provide simple operational programming along the way as we get each part working, so the vehicles will be functional at the end of the course.

Location: Manifold, 21 Devon Street West, New Plymouth

NOTE: We require a minimum of 8 students to run this course. If we do not reach the required number all orders will be fully refunded.

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